We says ‘No!’ to renewed fracking

Yorkshire Party leadership are "gobsmacked" that the new PM thinks fracking is the solution to the nation's energy woes.

It is in no uncertain terms that we are slamming Liz Truss’s plan to end the ban on fracking in Britain as a damaging and irrelevant distraction from this winter’s cost-of-living crisis. 

Co-Leader Simon Biltcliffe said “any application to frack today would not produce any gas to the market for years, even if approved by local councils.  It could not possibly affect prices or supply during this current crisis. 

“In the longer run, there are much better options that could generate Britain’s energy reliably.  Fracking risks contaminating already scarce stocks of water, leading to further issues down the line. Furthermore, energy gained from fracking will run out one day, leaving us right back at square one."

“Instead, the government needs to plan for a rapid expansion in renewable energy, investing in a new generation of power-plants that can ensure secure and affordable 24/7 reliability, and supporting a nation-wide plan to reduce demand for heating by, for example, a free insulation programme.  It should look to our 6-point Cost-of-Living manifesto, not these damaging and dangerous backwards steps”.