We have golden opportunity, Chris tells Yorkshire Post

Chris Whitwood: looking ahead to devolution

Picture, Bruce Rollinson, Yorkshire Post

Yorkshire Party Leader Chris Whitwood has spoken of his optimism that Yorkshire will secure devolved powers, in a major interview with The Yorkshire Post.

Speaking to reporter Rob Parsons, Chris said that while devolution was at the Party’s core it was ultimately just a means to an end: allowing Yorkshire people more say over issues that affected their lives and a chance to effect change in the region.

“The best way to articulate that is a regional assembly. We are moving in the right direction.

“In 2014 no-one was talking about regional devolution at all. Even though the Government have been resistant to the idea, the fact so many councils, so many business, people like the Archbishop of York, are so resolute in their belief that this is the right way to go, that’s a real positive.”

The Westminster shambles presented the Party “a golden opportunity”. “People are starting to question whether a very London-centric Parliament is the right way to go or are there are alternatives out there.

“We have seen in the past decade or so that small parties can make a huge difference and carry a huge amount of influence. I think that is the way British politics is heading.”

The interview marked Chris taking over the leadership from Stewart Arnold, to become the youngest political leader in the country.

Rob Parsons

Read Rob Parsons full interview and profile at: https://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/yorkshire-party-leader-chris-whitwood-small-parties-can-still-make-a-huge-difference-1-9706234


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