Local politicians attack ‘we-know-best’ stance

Yorkshire politicians have voiced their disappointment and anger at the decision by Communities Secretary James Brokenshire to reject the One Yorkshire plan for devolution.

Reporting the story, The Yorkshire Post quoted Liberal Democrat peer Lord Wallace of Saltaire as saying: “This is a huge disappointment. David Cameron criticised Yorkshire Councils for their inability to agree on devolution.

“Now that there is a wide consensus, across local authorities, political parties, employers associations and trade unions, the government won’t listen. The Conservatives pledged that devolution would come from the bottom up; but in Yorkshire they want to impose from Westminster down.”

Lord Wallace: ‘Westminster wants to impose devolution’

And it quoted Keighley MP John Grogan: “A more shameless example of Whitehall knows best would be hard to find. The Government is basically proposing the Balkanisation of Yorkshire and the creation of competing fiefdoms with all the duplication and waste of resources that will bring.”

The Bradford Telegraph and Argus quoted Batley and Spen MP Tracey Babin as saying: “Not only is the Tory Government unwilling to tackle growing inequality and the ever-widening north/south divide, it’s now abundantly clear they are unwilling to give us the powers to do it for ourselves.

Tracy Brabin: ‘Years of neglect’
Picture: UK Parliament

“Yorkshire is undoubtedly a wonderful place to live full of amazing people – but we are suffering after year of neglect and under-investment. ” 

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