The Yorkshire Party supports Keith Tordoff MBE

The Yorkshire Party supports the candidacy of Keith Tordoff MBE in his election bid for the role of Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire.

The Yorkshire Party is not putting a candidate forward for the PFCC election as we strongly feel the best independent person should do the job rather than a political appointee from the major parties. Keith Tordoff would be an independent representative who shares the Yorkshire Party's principles of local democracy. Keith is a respectable independent candidate with the experience to be capable of understanding the role.

Our belief is that career politicians have no place in police and fire roles. We want to see all police and fire roles appointed rather elected, so that those with the right experience and skills can serve the public.

By not having these elections across the country, taxpayers would also save millions, which could be invested in frontline police officers and firefighter.

In the meantime, let's stop career politicians getting the North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner role by supporting Independent Keith Tordoff MBE. As a former police officer, he has the experience and skills required to serve the people of North Yorkshire.

Use your vote to say NO to career politicians in police and fire roles.

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