Yorkshire party pledges to fight energy bill increases

The cost of living crisis is hitting everyone in our county, hitting those who are already worse off due to Tory tax increases especially hard.

Rather than the one off payment short term fix solution that the Labour Party are offering, to fix this issue we need to adopt a dual strategy of immediately lessening the burden on working families while building up our longer term energy independence, so as to not allow this to happen again.

As soon as reasonably possible we must embark on an urgent insulation campaign - at no cost of the household. Combining this with free heat surveys provided by local councils to directly target insulation to where it'll be most effective.

Although tempting as a quick fix, we remain completely opposed to fracking of any kind due to the longer term environmental damage it can cause.

With an eye on the future, we will establish a network of green energy technology colleges across the county - training up the next generation of high paid, long term, green energy jobs.

In addition we will use targeted grants to kick start community generation schemes which could include solar paneling, biomass or wind turbines while still continuing to sponsor larger projects.

Yorkshire already provides a large portion of the nation's green energy contributions and with a rapid increase of storage capacity we will be able to further reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, and by extension, everyone's long term bills.

Only The Yorkshire Party has the right mindset to offer both a short and long term solution to the nation's energy crisis.


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