Yorkshire Party Leader Praises Local School for Online Lessons

Yorkshire Party Leader Bob Buxton has thanked Benton Park School in Rawdon for providing live online lessons, when an issue with the school’s water supply forced it to close for a day last week.

Bob Buxton said: “Despite the unforeseen closure, Benton Park provided one or two lessons for each pupil via Microsoft Teams, maintaining a sense of routine and normality for students. Unlike merely setting work, live online lessons provide social interaction and instant help from teachers.”

“We all hope schools can remain open but if it becomes absolutely necessary for them to close, as some statistics suggest it might, then Benton Park – along with schools who’ve done similar – has set a fine example to follow.”

Bob Buxton teaches engineering apprentices in Bradford and switched to an online timetable during the first lockdown and briefly again in October after catching Covid-19. Since the beginning of the first lockdown, he has repeatedly called for live online lessons to be used whenever schools have to close and called on the Government to provide training and funding for IT equipment.


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