Yorkshire Party launches new principles document

On the back of the Yorkshire Party’s record-breaking 2018 election results, the Party has today (May 9, 2018) launched a new document to reiterate its principles.

These principles focus on key topics, including:

Deputy Leader of the Yorkshire Party, Chris Whitwood, explained: “We are very proud to be launching our principles document today. This short document reiterates exactly what the Yorkshire Party believes in, and should provide a handy guide to anyone who wants to understand the values behind what we do.

“Our vision for Yorkshire is one where a thriving private sector works hand in hand with a well-funded public sector, where growth supports equality of opportunity and where everyone has the opportunity to succeed.

“These social democratic principles underpin everything the Yorkshire Party does, and we look forward to continuing to articulate them over the coming months and years.

“We believe the best way to achieve this vision for a stronger Yorkshire in a fairer UK is through meaningful devolution of powers to an elected Assembly, and we expect to make real progress towards that goal as politicians from other parties come to realise that they can no longer take Yorkshire for granted.”

To download a copy of the principles document, click here.

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