Yorkshire Deserves a Green, Efficient and Fair Transport Network

The Yorkshire Party have unveiled plans for unprecedented investment in public and green transport.
The party has pledged to fully fund Northern Powerhouse Rail, spending £39 billion to build a new railway line linking Hull, York, Leeds, Bradford and Sheffield with Newcastle, Liverpool and Manchester.
Chris Whitwood, leader of the Yorkshire Party, said,
“Currently, for every pound spent in Yorkshire, seven times as much is spent in London and people living in Yorkshire deserve better. Northern mayors all say that it is essential to fully fund Northern Powerhouse Rail and yet neither Labour nor the Conservatives are willing to do this in full.
“Yorkshire deserves a mass transit transport system to connect people across the region and allow our economy to flourish.”
The Yorkshire Party manifesto pledges to launch a refund scheme for all public transport users, meaning that if a train, bus or tram is 15 minutes late commuters qualify for a 50% refund and can receive a full refund if it more than 30 minutes later or cancelled.
Yorkshire Party candidate for Beverley and Holderness, Andy Shead, said,
“Many people, particularly in rural areas are plagued by unreliable public transport. This is unacceptable.
“A clear, simple and universal refund scheme will mean that passengers are offered fair compensation for the inconvenience delays cause. Yorkshire deserves better.”

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