Writer forecasts powers for Yorkshire

Yorkshire’s growing hunger for control of its own destiny has been championed in a BBC broadcast by author and journalist Andrew Martin.

In a BBC 3 programme – part of a series of five, called The Essay – the Yorkshire-born writer, has been looking at the future governance of the county.

“If I were to risk one prediction about Yorkshire, it is that will be more devolved once again,” “Andrew tells listeners.

Andrew Martin

He bemoans the “emasculation” of local government in recent years and pointed to the success of devolved powers to Scotland, Wales and London.

Their sort of success was beginning to kindle or rekindle a sense of Yorkshireness.

He quotes discussions with Yorkshire Party Leader Stewart Arnold and refers to the Party’s success in last year’s elections for the Sheffield City Mayor.

Stewart Arnold

He quotes Stewart’s view that Yorkshire is a very “devolvable” unit – the county has ‘critical mass”.

And he refers to the Party’s desire for a One Yorkshire administration, run by a directly elected assembly.

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