Whitby’s future ‘lies in vibrant, devolved Yorkshire’

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The Yorkshire Party has issued a statement about the impending vote in Whitby to leave Scarborough’s control.

Ahead of the planned local vote, Stewart Arnold, Leader of the Yorkshire Party, said: “It come as no surprise that Whitby wants out of Scarborough Borough Council. We can understand that.

“All across the North there are communities who feel they have lost the ability to make the changes needed locally. Whitby has as much grievance as any.

“The Yorkshire Party is clear that, as well as taking power out of the dead hands of London to our respective regions, we want to push power down, so empowering communities and individuals.

Stewart Arnold

“However, we don’t see Whitby’s future as part of the Tees Valley. We don’t see the Tees Valley as having a long term future. It’s an unambitious, unloved city region created by London pen pushers.

“We see Whitby as part of a vibrant, dynamic devolved Yorkshire and with enhanced powers of its own. We believe that if this option were offered to people (and we believe it’s one that is not far away) the people of Whitby would take it.”

The  GazetteLive website on Teesside has reported that at Whitby’s Annual Assembly in April, a member of the public proposed a poll to ask Whitby residents if they would like to leave the control of Scarborough Borough Council – and the North Yorkshire County Council, one tier above – to join the Tees Valley Combined Authority.

The Whitby Gazette reported: “The town council has confirmed that the poll will now be taking place and has notified the borough council.” The vote would  be held next month (May) at a date yet to be set.


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