West Yorkshire Devolution Deal

The West Yorkshire Devolution deal signifies a substantial change in how Westminster views Yorkshire and the North of England as a whole. The deal stands as testimony to the work of the Yorkshire Party, and all the organisations that have flown the Yorkshire devolution flag—proving our campaigns, elections and presence within the political system has been well and truly heard. Most importantly, it shows that the Yorkshire Party has been seen as a significant threat, enough to shake up Westminster’s opinion upon devolution.

However, the West Yorkshire Devolution deal should also be viewed with very real caution! This deal fails to live up to its true potential, dividing Yorkshire, its people, its economy and its power. One Yorkshire, a single united devolved Yorkshire is the only, and proper option for Yorkshire devolution. Ensuring our economy, culture, heritage and ultimately, our everyday services that our citizens rely on, now more than ever, receive the support and funding they deserve.

The Yorkshire Party’s work is not done, and we will not be pushed aside by a paltry attempt at satisfaction to the Northern discontent, created by Westminster’s neglection. The Yorkshire Party will continue to fight for you and a true One Yorkshire Devolution, because Yorkshire deserves better!

Andy Shead.

Yorkshire Party Policy Director & Executive Member


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