We’re the confident voice of Yorkshire, says Leader

The Yorkshire Party will continue  to fight “confidently” for fairness for its people, says Party Leader Chris Whitwood, in his post-European election review.

Chris Whitwood: We’re making Westminster think

While the Yorkshire Party fell short of securing the European seat it was targeting, it doubled its share of the vote – up to 4%.

And Chris, who led our six-strong team of candidates, was far from downhearted.

“This election is an excellent result for the Yorkshire Party. Over 50,000 people across Yorkshire put their faith in us because they know that whatever happens with Brexit, the Yorkshire Party will continue to be a clear and confident voice for Yorkshire,” he said.

“Our country is divided. The Yorkshire Party is the only party that seeks to heal that divide and bring Yorkshire together because, whichever way you voted – leave or remain, left or right – Yorkshire’s schools are still chronically underfunded, our health service is overstretched and our transport system is dilapidated.

“That is why the Yorkshire Party fought this election – to address the issues that have a direct impact on the lives of people living and working in Yorkshire.

“The Conservative Party Minister for the Northern Powerhouse, Jake Berry, has repeatedly denied Yorkshire meaningful devolution and the opportunity to work together. The tens of thousands over votes the Yorkshire Party secured in this election is testament to how wrong-headed and appalling Mr Berry’s judgment has been. I hope this result gives all politicians in Westminster pause for thought.”

“This election saw the beginnings of a wholescale realignment of British politics. Support for the traditional Westminster parties has collapsed and the Yorkshire Party will be at the forefront of building a stronger Yorkshire in a fairer United Kingdom.”

The Yorkshire and Humber region elected the following MEPs – Richard Corbett (Labour) Shaffaq Mohammed (Liberal Democrat) John Longworth (Brexit) Lucy Harris (Brexit) Jake Pugh (Brexit) Magid Magid (Green)

The region’s potential electorate is 3,867,792; turnout was 1,289,277 (33.33%).

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