We’re fighting for Sheffield shock, says Stewart

Stewart Arnold

As May 3 polling day draws near more and more people are supporting Mick Bower for Sheffield City Mayor and his message for devolution and real change, as the Yorkshire Party battles for “a shock result”, says Leader Stewart Arnold.

Stewart said: “We are getting support from right across the political spectrum especially from disenchanted Labour supporters. For example, we received the following Tweet just the other day: “Voted Labour for 36 years…time for a change….wouldn’t vote for Corbyn/Momentum if my life depended on it…hate the Tories so looks like Yorkshire Party.”

“This is typical of the response we are getting via social media.

“Our vision of a vibrant, modern, prosperous Yorkshire including Sheffield, Doncaster, Barnsley and Rotherham, is one that is getting a good response on the doorsteps.

“There remains an obvious frontrunner in this campaign but with a low turnout expected, I think we could be in for something previously unexpected; a real shock could be on the cards.”


Mick Bower

Candidate Mick, added: “Through the campaign there’s been a lot of ducking and diving from the other parties about what they’ll do if they get in but the Yorkshire Party is 100% clear.

“We do exactly what is says on the tin- we’re all about a One Yorkshire deal.

“With the mayoral position that’s on offer now we’d take it and get as much out of it as we can but we see it as just a stepping stone towards something much more ambitious and something that can deliver real change.”


*Voting in the Mayoral poll is on Thursday (May 3, 2018), using the  Supplementary Vote system.

The Electoral reform Society explained the procedure. “All the votes for favourite candidates are counted and if one candidate gets over than 50% they are elected.

“If no candidate gets over 50%, the top two candidates continue to a run-off round and all other candidates are eliminated. The votes of everyone whose favourite candidate has been eliminated are moved to their second favourite.

“Votes from people who had their favourite candidate eliminated and their second favourite candidate is in the run-off, are added to their first-round totals for the two run-off candidates. The candidate with the most votes at this stage is declared the winner.”


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