We lead the push for action on climate crisis

The importance of the global environmental crisis is highlighted in a major initiative by Yorkshire Party Councillor Andy Walker, who is demanding his Council takes action locally.

Andy, the Party’s Environment Spokesperson, is attracting cross-party support for his resolution to demand East Riding of Yorkshire Council recognises and takes action to address the global climate emergency.

Andy and Yorkshire Party colleague Tim Norman were elected to the Council in May and are already having an impact.

Andy Walker: leading action in East Yorkshire

Echoing the words of naturalist Sir David Attenborough, Andy explained: “Our environment is fundamental to the success of the county and, most importantly, we are just its current custodians – it is for our children.”

The resolution, which is due to be presented to the full Council this Wednesday (June19, 2019), demands that it declares a climate emergency, publicises the move locally to raise awareness and supports the public in taking effective action.  

Andy is proposing the resolution, which is seconded by Lid Dem Councillor Linda Johnson, and has been promised support by other councillors.

Chris Whitwood: we must not shirk the challenge

Yorkshire Party Leader Chris Whitwood, said: “I am delighted to see Andy bringing this cross-party motion to East Riding Council so soon after the Yorkshire Party’s electoral breakthrough last month.

“The global climate emergency is an issue that affects all of us. It is our obligation to face this threat head on – not shirking the challenges of our generation at the expense of the next.”

At the Global Climate Talks in Poland last December, the UK along with over 200 nations agreed action on Climate Change with a much greater role strongly for Local and Regional Authorities such as the East Riding of Yorkshire. 

Sign our Climate Emergency Petition

The full resolution asks the Council to:

  1. Declare a Climate Emergency and publicise this to the people of the East Riding of Yorkshire to raise awareness and support the public to take effective action.
  2. Acknowledge that ‘business as usual’ in the face of this emergency is not an option.
  3. Request that Cabinet initiate a full Environmental Audit of East Riding of Yorkshire Council to measure its carbon footprint, identify hotspots and commit to being carbon neutral by the year 2030.
  4. To set up a Councillor Working Party including the appropriate Cabinet Lead with a remit to:
  5. Commission and oversee the Environmental Audit
  6. Identify practical measures to reduce emissions and the Council’s carbon footprint
  7. Encourage action in the wider community, businesses and other key organisations e.g. NHS and Educational Institutions
  8. Report to full Council within six months with an action plan to address the Emergency and incorporating proposals on the investment implications of this proposed activity
  9. The Council to consider Environmental Impact as part of every new policy
  10. The Council to seek to collaborate with other Local and Regional Authorities on emission reduction projects.
  11. The Leader of the Council to write to the Minister of State for Climate Change and Industry requesting that national policy is urgently developed to reflect the seriousness of the current emergency and to release funds to local authorities that would allow them to take the necessary measures at local level.

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