We need same support in an EU poll, says Chris

Thanking voters for their support in the local elections, Leader Chris Whitwood said the Party would hope for their continued backing if the European poll went ahead at the end of the month.

 “The London-based parties have failed. Whether it is Labour or Conservative, everyone in Yorkshire knows that, when push comes to shove, those parties will always put the interests of London and the South East first.

“Just look at how Conservative MP and Government Minister James Brokenshire swatted away the demands of 18 of Yorkshire’s councils last year for even a small amount of devolution. Those council leaders were asking for little more than the right to work together for the good of Yorkshire. Yet the Tories said No. They’d prefer a system where Yorkshire can’t work together.

“Since being founded in 2014, the Yorkshire Party has been fighting to change that. We have spent five years building a credible organisation, a centrist party informed by social democratic principles, which is putting forward a vision for a better Yorkshire.

“This week the people of Yorkshire stood up and backed our vision. On May 23, we will be asking them to back that vision again.”

Chris Whitwood and newly elected Selby Councillor Mike Jordan, who top our team of six candidates for an EU election

If the UK is still part of the EU on May 22, it must take part in the European elections.

The Yorkshire Party is standing six candidates for the EU elections. Were the Party to secure a similar percentage vote to that it secured this week, it is likely it would win at least one European Parliament seat.

Party Chairman Arnie Craven has written to members to thank them personally for their support.

“I’m under no illusion we have a long way to go. But you have helped us break that mould. Now we will build something better,” he said.

Read Arnie’s statement on where the Yorkshire Party stands on Brexit

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