We fight on, Stewart tells BBC politics programme

Tim Iredale and Stewart Arnold on the BBC’s Sunday Politics set


James Brokenshire’s “slap in the face” for Yorkshire devolution has strengthened the resolve of those pressing for county-wide control of our own affairs, Yorkshire Party Leader Stewart ArnoStewart BBC Sunday Politicsld has told the BBC.

Speaking on the regional Sunday Politics programme, Stewart pointed to the broad support within Yorkshire – from councils, politicians of all parties, business and unions – for One Yorkshire.

“We push on,” he told presenter Tim Iredale.

“We’ve been told we don’t match the criteria on devolution. Unfortunately, we never knew what the criteria was.

“OK, well tell us where we might be falling short and we’ll sort that out,” he said.

Tim Iredale asked if there was any real appetite for devolution among people who might fear another layer of politicians.

Stewart pointed to the votes last year in Barnsley and Doncaster where local people were overwhelmingly in favour of a broadly-based devolution, rather than city region mayors.

“Westminster is broken, in the view of many people. Let’s bring powers out of Westminster and up to Yorkshire,” he said.

Sir Stephen Houghton

The programme also included comments by Sir Stephen Houghton, leader of Barnsley Council, who spoke of the importance of Yorkshire’s brand and its identity.

“Our diversity is our strength, not our weakness. Our single voice would be powerful,” he said.

Sunday Politics also included some street interviews where Yorkshire people told how we could “do better”, “ought to have a say”, we needed to be able to take “local decisions”, that we were “neglected and forgotten, and that Yorkshire “deserved more”.

 Watch Stewart’s interview at: https://twitter.com/MickBower1/status/1097411529216086021/video/1



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