‘We fight for a fair deal, we fight for change’

Yorkshire Party Chairman Arnie Craven has spoken directly to voters thinking of supporting our candidates at Thursday’s local polls.

“The Yorkshire Party is a centrist political party that was founded five years ago to campaign for one thing – a stronger Yorkshire in a fairer UK.

“We believe children in Yorkshire should go to schools that are as well funded as those in London and the South East. We believe our hospitals require more resources to ensure people in Yorkshire get first-class healthcare. We believe our transport networks need massive investment to ensure our region reaches its potential.

“But we also believe Yorkshire will never get the investment it deserves when every major decision is made in Westminster.

Arnie Craven: We’re falling behind
Picture: Robbie MacDonald

“Yorkshire is held back because our councils can’t even build a new roundabout on a road without asking for London’s permission – never mind doing anything with the NHS or our schools.

“That system is why many parts of the UK are falling behind, and it is a system we are fighting to change.

The Party is fielding its biggest team of candidates in the May 2019 local election. Find your local candidate at https://www.yorkshireparty.org.uk/party-doubles-number-of-candidates-in-a-year/

Find out more about the Yorkshire Party in 60 seconds at

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