Voters tell Bob about the issues that bother them

Yorkshire Party candidate Bob Buxton has been highlighting some of the issues local electors have been telling him are important to them.

Bob Buxton, Executive Committee member, is standing for Guiseley and Rawdon in the Leeds City and for re-election to Rawdon Parish elections next week. The Guiseley and Rawdon Ward  also includes Hawksworth, High Royds and parts of Yeadon and Menston.

Bob Buxton: listen to local people

Picture:  Robbie MacDonald

“I believe that if you want to represent people you should listen to their views first,” he tells voters in his latest campaign leaflet focused on the parish ward.

“On the doorstep, I’ve heard your concerns and ideas on many topics. If re-elected to Rawdon Parish Council, I will do everything in my power to bring these improvements and protect the Rawdon we know and love. 

“Leeds City Council has the final say on many issues, which is why I am continuing to campaign for the reinstatement of Aireborough Urban District Council – we can do better ourselves. I am also standing for Guiseley and Rawdon Ward of Leeds City Council to give Aireborough a stronger voice.

These are some of the issues raised with Bob and his responses.

Crime: I will continue to liaise with local police, pass on all residents’ concerns and ask for more patrols and street lighting at night, where residents requested it

Speeding: I have always voted in favour of speed indication (smiley face) signs and will propose more. Several locations suffer regular speeding including Batter Ln, Markham Ave, Hill Cres, Larkfield Rd, Harrogate Rd, Canada Rd, Over Ln, Peasehill Cl.

Litter and Dog Fouling: The vast majority of responsible dog owners are tired of being given a bad name by the irresponsible minority. I supported and voted for the new bins around Larkfield Road and the Lakesides. We need more around the Billing, the Markhams and elsewhere

Greenbelt: We – that’s everyone who took part in consultations, donated money and signed petitions – beat the city council and saved Rawdon’s greenbelt. They’ll try to take it again, so we’ll be ready to beat them again

Parking and Playgrounds: I support the proposed car park and playground behind Jubilee Hall. Micklefield Park also needs improvements and facilities for younger children

“Residents also want improvements to disabled access, including dropped kerbs, more help for the library and better fire cover at night.”

Bob has opposed the controversial plan for a big access road scheme to Leeds-Bradford airport and reports that the suggestion is proving unpopular with residents. He told residents: “I’ve not received a single leaflet from other  City Council candidates in my ward, which opposes the road, even though hundreds of people have told me they are dead against it. Vote for me to represent your views on Rawdon Parish Council and Leeds City Council.”

And he called for better transport, led by experts and evidence

“Having successfully led the airport road survey, I now wish to lead a general survey of road traffic in Rawdon and propose improvements to traffic flows. Proper solutions can always be found when they are based on hard evidence and residents’ views are acted upon. While this should be the role of Leeds City Council, I think we can all agree they couldn’t organise a rice pudding. 

“The Yorkshire Party candidate for the parish council’s Greenacre Ward, Roland Gilmore, has 40 years’ experience as a chartered builder and surveyor in the rail industry. He has studied the options for an airport rail service and concluded that a direct rail link via tunnelling is the optimal solution. This would allow drivers approaching Leeds on the A658 to park-and-ride into the city centre, taking hundreds of cars off the road. It would also cost less than the road. 

“Other improvements to consider include fixing potholes more quickly, tackling speeding, more off-road parking, properly designed cycleways and better bus services.”

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