Yorkshire is suffering from a massive disparity in funding when compared to London and Scotland. Over five years (2012-2017) Yorkshire only received £3,341,619 in funding for all its railways; while at the same time London received £24,949,257 and Scotland received £5,145,449. The North-South divide surrounding transport is visible, and its effects are extremely damaging. The Independent published a report in 2016 showing that the disparity per capita by region between London and Yorkshire was at £1,622.2 This situation since 2016 has gotten increasingly worse with many areas in Yorkshire suffering from a lack of electrified rail, mass congestion on the roads and a lack of a reliable bus service for many areas.

Yorkshire requires not only improving to the London standard, but it needs to surpass and be maintained a higher standard. Many areas of transport have been ignored, such as more efficient freight transport and future environmental planning. Ultimately, Yorkshire requires a reliable transport network, reconnecting all areas of Yorkshire, and allowing rural and previously economically bountiful tourist areas to grow once again. If Yorkshire fails to adapt and improve our transportation infrastructure, we risk devastating effects on our local and national economies.

Public transportation will become an even larger necessity as the U.K.’s population is increasing at a rapid rate and growing older. Public transport shapes our lives every day, for many, it is their only form of transportation to the doctors, shops and a connection with the outside world. We owe it to every single man, woman and child within Yorkshire that they have regular, easily accessible and reliable public transport services. No more should the vulnerable and the poorest of our society struggle to attend work or access their local centre of amenities and facilities, whether it be a village, town or city.

The policy areas outline the Yorkshire Party’s vision for the future. The policy will provide our vision for the future of Yorkshire’s public transportation services. Providing a safe and efficient transport system no matter what method people prefer.