Sue Gray Report: MP’s Must Do Their Duty

"The Sue Gray report update confirms what we already knew: a failure of leadership at 10 Downing St, a failure to uphold high standards, parties that broke the rules, and, by extension, that Parliament was misled by the Prime Minister."

"Any MP who does not call for the Prime Minister to resign now, is letting the country down. Frankly, any MP so derelict of their duty should also resign. The country deserves better than 'yes men', it deserves MPs who stand up for basic moral values, from all parties."

"While the Government is focused on justifying the unjustifiable, the cost of living crisis grows daily, with soaring household bills, especially energy bills. What is the Government's response? Increasing National Insurance - a tax that hits the poorest hardest, just when they can least afford it.

If the UK were rebalanced and fair, Yorkshire would be sufficiently funded by current taxation."

-Dr Bob Buxton, Leader of the Yorkshire Party


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