The 3rd Party of Yorkshire!

Dr Bob Buxton and the Yorkshire Party managed to secure a phenomenal 3rd place with almost 59,000 first preference votes in the West Yorkshire Mayoral election, with an estimated 175,000 people voting for Bob Buxton as either first or second preference votes. As a party born from the neglect of the big two parties of Westminster, we have just taken a gigantic step forward in the fight for devolved local politics in Yorkshire. It is more votes than we have ever received at any election, showing the significance of the moment. Finishing above the Greens, the Liberal Democrats, Reform UK and the English Democrats is a pivotal stepping stone for the party, to become the legitimate ‘Third Party of Yorkshire’. It shows how much the party has grown over the past 7years and displays the real appetite for self-governance Yorkshire has. As Bob Buxton states himself,

“This result proves that we are the first alternative to the big two Westminster Parties – it is a vindication of the demand for real devolution to Yorkshire”

- Dr. Bob Buxton, Leader of the Yorkshire Party

This is the first election we have faced since the start of the pandemic and we would just like to thank all the councils across Yorkshire, and the country, for carrying the count out in a safe and professional manner. We want to thank all our dedicated volunteers for their hard work in challenging circumstances, as well as those record 51 candidates standing to represent the Yorkshire Party! It has been humbling to see all the new faces coming out to support and we can promise that this is just the beginning for our movement!


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