Thank you from Chris

Thank you from Chris

Last month, outgoing leader Chris Whitwood announced his intention to step down after leading the party through the 2019 local, EU and general elections. Prior to becoming leader, Chris had served for two years as Deputy Leader, including six months as acting leader, and had been a central figure of the Yorkshire Party Executive Committee since 2014.

Chris, who will be taking on the role of Yorkshire Party Ambassador to the European Free Alliance (the Europe-wide political party of which the Yorkshire Party is a member), expressed his thanks to members and support for the new leader.

"I would like to state my profound and heartfelt thanks to members for their support. I was fortunate to attend the first ever meeting of the Yorkshire Party after the 2014 EU elections and to see the organisation grow from a mere idea to a party that has been the sixth most voted for party in England at two successive general elections and has councillors at every level of local government gives me immense pride.

"My time as leader was a challenging one in British politics yet thanks to your support and loyalty, not just to me, but to the principles by which we are all united, I am able to hand over the party in a far stronger state than the one in which I inherited it.

"I look forward to continuing as an active member of the Yorkshire Party and offer Dr Buxton my support. I am confident that the Yorkshire Party will continue to grow and develop in the years ahead."

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