Stewart urges May to trigger UK role in European poll

Stewart Arnold has called on the Government to ready the UK to take part in May’s elections for the European Parliament.

Responding to the Parliament’s decision to rule out a no-deal Brexit, the Leader of the Yorkshire Party, said: “Tonight (March 13,) Theresa May’s Government and the House of Commons have failed.

“The Prime Minister’s Brexit strategy lies in tatters and it seems the only thing Parliament can agree is what it does not want to happen.

Stewart Arnold       Picture: Robbie MaDonald

“Almost three years after the referendum, MPs are still unable to agree a Brexit plan that will reunite our country. The Westminster Government and Parliament have been found wanting.

“It is now time to give the public their say in the form of participation in May’s European elections. Theresa May must commit to this immediately. Only by giving the public back control, will the UK finally be able to break the Brexit impasse and start to build a better future for us all.”

The Yorkshire Party has already begun the process of selecting its candidates for the elections, should they go ahead .

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