Brexit ‘deal’ does nothing for us, says Stewart

Yorkshire Party Leader Stewart Arnold has challenged a Yorkshire MP’s view of the proposed Brexit deal. Stewart tackled Conservative Alec Sherbrooke, in a letter to The Yorkshire Post.

Stewart Arnold

In it, he says: “Alec Sherbrooke MP is wrong – the proposed Brexit deal would have done nothing for Yorkshire (The Yorkshire Post, December 7) before it was put on hold. In fact, it didn’t acknowledge the core issues at all.

“If, as I believe, the Brexit vote in Yorkshire was a cry for help from people after periods of deindustrialisation, recession, austerity and massive under-investment in the region’s schools and infrastructure,  then these issues which led so many in Yorkshire to vote to leave have not been addressed.

“Yorkshire has been totally excluded in the discussions leading up to the publication of the Government’s deal which is why we ended up with a disastrous deal that would have left the people of Yorkshire worse off if it had been approved.”

In a column in the paper, Mr Sherbrooke – MP for Elmet and Rothwell and a vice-chairman of the Conservative Party – said he would be backing the deal and  believed “it was the best way forward for us all in Yorkshire”.

The Yorkshire Party leadership has described Theresa May’s ‘deal’ a “disaster”.

Chris Whitwood, the Party’s Deputy Leader, said: “Theresa May’s deal is a non-starter. The government’s nonsensical ‘red lines’ have led only to uncertainty.

“The Yorkshire Party cannot agree to a deal that will leave the people of our region worse off and offers no promise of passing future decision-making powers to Yorkshire.”

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