Stewart strives for political consensus on the Pledge


In an unrivalled initiative highlighting the growing demand for Yorkshire devolution, Stewart Arnold has written to all the key political figures in the county to galvanise broad support for the Pledge.

The Leader of the Yorkshire Party has followed this attempt to forge consensus politics with letters to all the editors of local newspaper titles and series, as key members of their communities, also seeking their support.

The Party has established a neutral online address – away from the Party’s own addresses – where respondents can show their enthusiasm for greater powers for the county.

Stewart said: “I think it’s important we build a broad, cross-party consensus towards One Yorkshire. That’s why I have written to the county’s leading political figures, at national and local level, urging them to get behind the One Yorkshire initiative. 

“There is a real danger of Yorkshire getting left behind as other parts of the country such as Manchester and Liverpool, get the devolution that will help them deliver economic and social progress.

“It is essential for Yorkshire and its people that we deliver this real, meaningful devolution as soon as possible.”

Stewart Arnold


This is the full text of Stewart’s letter to MPs, MEPs, and certain council leaders:

“As you know, the launch of the One Yorkshire campaign on Yorkshire Day brought together politicians of all parties, business, trade unions and civic society, amongst others. It showed that there was an increasing momentum towards devolution of meaningful powers to the county.

“We at the Yorkshire Party think it important to broaden that momentum. That is why we have started the Yorkshire Pledge.  We want to show the breadth of support for One Yorkshire and, in an unrivalled display of consensus politics, we are asking all leading political figures in the county to support the aims of the Pledge.

“I am writing to you personally to ask you to consider signing the Pledge – at – to take the lead in building popular support and to show that you believe Yorkshire deserves better.”


And this is the text of Stewart’s letter to the editors of local newspaper titles and series:

“The Yorkshire Party has launched an initiative to get the region’s MPs, MEPs and some uncommitted council leaders behind the proposed One Yorkshire devolution deal.

“On Yorkshire Day (August 1st), the Archbishop of York launched the One Yorkshire Campaign. This campaign is supported by local council leaders for both main parties, business organisations, trade unions and civic society. 

“Recently, I have called on the region’s main political figures to get behind the campaign by signing the Yorkshire Pledge (details below). I have written to each of the region’s MPs, MEPs and every council leader personally asking them to sign the Pledge and support the campaign for a united Yorkshire to be given the decision making powers it needs to shape its own future.

“Today, I am writing to you as a key figure in your community to invite you too to sign the Pledge and give a lead to your readers. Please sign the Pledge – at”

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