Stewart backed to lead Party for next two years


Stewart Arnold       Picture: Robbie MacDonald

Yorkshire Party Leader Stewart Arnold has been re-elected unopposed and will serve in the role for a further two years.

A founder of the party in 2014, Stewart first served as Deputy Leader until the summer of 2016 when he took over the party’s leadership from Richard Carter who had to step down because of work commitments.

Under Stewart’s leadership, the Yorkshire Party has established itself as the sixth largest party in England (according to results from the 2017 General Election) and the fourth largest in Yorkshire and, arguably, the third party in many parts of the region. Membership of the party has continued to grow and recently the party has gained its first councillors on principal authorities in the region.

After his re-election, Stewart said: “The Yorkshire Party has helped put Yorkshire devolution on the map. Across all the main parties, business, trade unions and broader civic society there is a strong call for One Yorkshire devolution where the people here can best make the decisions that affect them.

“As a party our aim remains the same as when we were first set up: to get real devolution for Yorkshire through a directly elected assembly and to unlock the potential that Yorkshire has in abundance. This idea is proving popular with people as our electoral support has grown year on year since 2014.

“It is clear that Yorkshire needs a voice. Our requests for the things that would make a difference to our lives such as real educational investment, improving our transport infrastructure and more decision making here in Yorkshire continue to be ignored by Government.

“Yorkshire needs a voice too when it comes to Brexit negotiations. The EU referendum has created a period of political and economic chaos. It is telling that Scotland, with its own parliament and government, was quick off the mark as Nicola Sturgeon sought the best deal for the Scottish people. Where is the equivalent for Yorkshire?”


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