Stewart rates our chances in likely Euro poll


Stewart Arnold         Picture:  Robbie MacDonald


Yorkshire Party Leader Stewart Arnold has spoken of the importance of the Party fielding candidates if European Parliamentary elections are held in the UK in May because of the Government’s “shambolic” handling of Brexit.

“These elections are important to Yorkshire as they are the only time when the vast majority of our region votes as one entity.

“It would be an opportunity for a debate about how we saw the economic and social renewal of Yorkshire and a chance for a public discussion about devolving powers out of London to Yorkshire.

“We should be part of that campaign naturally.”

Arnie Craven         Picture:  Robbie MacDonald

Party Chairman Arnie Craven has already appealed for candidates to come forward to stand in any poll and he estimated securing as little as 11% of the vote could give the Party a seat under the voting system.

Stewart puts the figure as low as 10% and points out that Mick Bower, the Party’s candidate in last year’s Sheffield City Mayoral election, secured 9% of the vote.

Results of the candidate selection procedure should be known within the next three to four weeks.


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