Stewart backs Jarvis’ attempts to build One Yorkshire

Stewart Arnold      Picture:  Robbie MacDonald


Leader of the Yorkshire Party, Stewart Arnold, has said that the new Sheffield City Mayor, Dan Jarvis, can count on his Party’s support in building a One Yorkshire devolution deal.

This commitment comes as Conservative ex-Minister, Lord O’Neill, poured scorn on the idea of One Yorkshire in a recent interview with The Yorkshire Post

Stewart said: “In the recent elections for the Sheffield City Mayor, candidates supporting One Yorkshire got around two thirds of the vote. By any calculation, that must be considered a mandate for a wider Yorkshire deal.

“Let’s not forget that also backing One Yorkshire are 18 out of 20 local council leaders, the CBI and other regional business organisations, the TUC and the Archbishop of York [John Sentamu]. On the other side we have an ex-Conservative Minister from Manchester intent on peddling his City region idea.

“With that background in mind, we have written to incoming Sheffield City Mayor, Dan Jarvis, to congratulate him on his success in the ballot on the May 3 and to offer our support in any way we can to help make the One Yorkshire deal happen.

“In our view the people have expressed the support for a One Yorkshire deal in the ballot box – now we all have to work together to deliver it.”


In the Sheffield City Mayor elections on May 3, candidates unequivocally supporting One Yorkshire (Labour, Yorkshire Party and Greens) got 165,00 votes out of the 255,000 cast on total.

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