The Yorkshire Party and vaccinations

The Yorkshire Party supports vaccinations and boosters, and encourages people to be vaccinated. However, we would not support compulsory vaccinations since we believe in freedom of choice. We also believe such a move would be unenforceable and would backfire, discouraging some from following other Covid measures.

We do believe that vaccines should be required to keep working in the health sector, including care homes, due to the disproportionately high number of deaths in care homes during the pandemic.

Yorkshire Party Leader Bob Buxton had called as early as last month that schools should have been preparing to take lessons online for the last week of term in December, to drop the rates of infection and ensure that everyone can have as safe and enjoyable a Christmas as possible. We are disappointed that the Government is, yet again, behind the curve, but urge people to respect all reasonable measures and get their vaccinations.

More information on booking your COVID-19 vaccinations can be found here.


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