Statement from the Yorkshire Party at Selby District Council

As the leader of the Yorkshire Party Group I have been consulted at all stages on the various committees where it has been deemed appropriate and the group have participated as best able under current conditions. Some decisions have been left as a not urgent and with others Cllr Mark Crane and the chief executive have sought the views of those on the committees where appropriate. Indeed on Tuesday of this week we are conducting a similar airing of views at County Hall with regards planning decisions by means of Skype.

There are a number of platforms for conducting business remotely and I welcome the work that Selby District Council are doing to enable parts of the council to still operate.

Numerous volunteer groups have been formed in the district and the council are helping to ensure they have the connections and communications they need. Our members are working with those groups.

I think in this unprecedented situation politics should be put to one side and every effort be made to ensure the most vulnerable are looked after and that people and businesses come out of this intact.

Cllr Mike Jordan

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