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It is time for fair funding with a Yorkshire Regional Parliament. 

Yorkshire faces a constant repeat of funding cuts, decaying roads & rails, struggling schools, and a stuttering economy. 

While London and the South East take the lion's share of investment, it is our communities that are left to suffer.

It is our communities that are fighting for scraps from London's table.


Time after time London has decided what’s best for Yorkshire – and got it wrong. This has to change. People in Yorkshire themselves must set their own priorities and determine how their money is best spent.

In short, the Yorkshire Party’s vision is one of subsidiarity – where powers are exercised as close to the people as possible.

We believe that the historic county of Yorkshire, with its own distinct identity, economic output, and culture should be able to determine her own future in the form of a Regional Parliament.  

We believe that the people of Yorkshire should have more say in how their lives are run and that locally elected politicians should be taking the critical decisions about Yorkshire’s future – not unelected bureaucrats or disinterested ministers in London. 

Government bodies, quangos, and agencies that develop key strategies and policies are located outside of Yorkshire and are not accountable to the people of Yorkshire. They inevitably fail to recognise the strengths of Yorkshire or understand the special needs of its communities.  

It means that approaches specifically relevant to Yorkshire are rarely pursued by the central government. 

The Yorkshire Party is campaigning for the recognition of Yorkshire as a distinct region including all forms of governance and administration. At the heart of this, we are campaigning for a new democratic settlement, with the meaningful devolution of significant powers to a Regional Parliament. 


We call upon the Prime Minister & the Home Secretary to start the process of establishing a Yorkshire Regional Parliament.

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