“Sheffield deserves better leaders” – Simon Biltcliffe

Kate Josephs has betrayed the trust of all those in Sheffield.

Sheffield Council's £190,000 year CEO has betrayed the trust of not only the people of Sheffield, but the entire country, when she hosted an illegal indoor gathering while she was the chief the country's COVID response task force.

Despite denying the allegations earlier in the week when she was approached by reporters from the Sheffield Star, she has since issued an apology statement on the 14th of this month. Just moments before the story broke in national newspapers.

It is sickening to think that while the vast majority of the country were following the rules - rules which were drafted by herself - she arranged for her own leaving do, in the full knowledge that this was illegal.

The continued exposure of the country's elites consistent refusal to follow COVID-19 regulations is a huge slap in the face of all those who have sacrificed so much during this pandemic and is epidemic of the carelessness and entitlement that this government has consistently shown.

Our candidate for South of Yorkshire Mayor, Simon Biltcliffe had this to say:

"Authentic leadership is based on trust and being honest- something that is very dear to the straight-forward people of Yorkshire. It is hard won and easily lost and Kate Josephs has demonstrated in her actions, that she is not worthy of the trust we have placed in her."

"There is only one honourable action that she can take, and that is for her to resign. Anything less is simply not good enough and the people of South Yorkshire deserve better leaders."


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