Senior team flies Party’s flag in Bridlington

Tim and Andy: Passionate about improving life in Bridlington


The Yorkshire Party is putting out its strongest team of candidates in local elections in this May’s polls


Two senior Party members with a passion to improve their home town are waving our banner in the local elections in Bridlington

Tim Norman, Party business spokesperson, and Andy Walker, environment spokesperson, are proud to be representing the Party in Bridlington South ward of East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

They see the great potential for the town and the genuine needs of its people but, too often, the real opportunities are missed.

Tim and Andy bring a breadth of experience and knowledge in how the real world works – and how East Riding and its town councils could co-operate to lift Bridlington out of the doldrums.

Transparency and scrutiny should be at the heart of our local democracy. Decisions should be made closer to the people who are most effected.

Tim and Andy says they will fight for a new code of openness and local involvement to build trust and accountability as they strive for better outcomes for their town.


Tim is the owner of The Royal Hotel Bridlington and has lived and worked in Bridlington for the last 13 years with his wife Fiona. 

The former accountant was at the forefront of the Business Forum within the Renaissance Partnership and bringing together businesses to discuss how the evening economy could be improved. 

Tim is a great advocate of openness and believes strongly that main council meetings should at the very least be recorded and “live streamed” to improve decision making.

As a councillor he would be guided by the seven principles of public service – selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership.

“Bridlington is in desperate need of growth. Businesses and locals need to be listened to. Too often, issues, such as planning applications, are rushed through and complaints from residents fall on deaf ears. Most importantly, Bridlington South needs a voice willing to stand up and be counted,” he said



Andy was born and raised in Bridlington. His work with electronics, computers and software has taken him around the world and back to Bridlington where he has lived and worked for the past 15 years.

As a proud Yorkshireman, Andy tries to give a little in return. He is a past chairman of Bridlington Round Table, is happy to turn out for the Brightening Up Bridlington campaign and helps in a small way with The Kingfisher Cafe for the homeless.

Andy said: “We need better decisions – many people feel that ‘decisions are done to them’. To improve that, we need to change the culture away from closed-doors and ‘consultations’ and move towards open data and discussions.”

Read more from Andy on his Facebook page



  • Greater transparency and scrutiny.
  • Improved local involvement.
  • Major investments, like the Marina.
  • A culture of open data and accountability.
  • Practical help to tackle deprivation and homelessness.


  • Centralisation of power.
  • Exploration for reserves of fossil fuels.
  • Fracking, anywhere in or under Yorkshire.

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