Selby Council Budget

The 4 councillors at Selby District Council in the Yorkshire Party are starting to have a positive effect on the lives of peple in the district. The controlling group have been too heavily focused on growth and providing opportunities for business on the basis of this providing jobs for people. The downside to this is 2 fold.
  1. Many of those jobs have been provided to people who don't actually live in the district, so the main beneficiaries have been the business owners only.
  2. Actual improvements to peoples everyday lives for those who live in the district have been far and few between.
Left to right: Paul Welburn, Ellie Jordan, Mike Jordan, David Brook
The opposition groups, including the Yorkshire Party, have met with the lead group and officers of the council and agreed a Programme for People (P4P) as well as a Programme for Growth (P4G) going forward. There will also now be an opportunity for councillors of any persuasions to bring forward ideas in an 'Ideas Lab' , which officers will then look at and make recommendations. This will then allow the council to look at specific ideas to enhance the lives of residents. One specific idea may be to hold a yearly 'Best Kept Village in the District' giving a local village an opportunity to focus minds and energy on enhancing their local surroundings and thus forming community groups and spirit.
These ideas would then be considered from a feasibility point of view with costing taken into consideration, before then bringing to the Executive and then Full Council for consideration in the budget the following financial year. This gives everyone plenty of time to input into the 'Ideas Lab'.
The Yorkshire Party would like to give thanks for all political groups at Selby District Council for this consideration. This is about improving the lives and environment for all the residents in Selby District who live and work here to help maintain its status as somewhere great to be.
Mike Jordan
Leader of the Yorkshire Party Group
Selby District Council.

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