Scrap wasteful Sheffield poll, urges Stewart Arnold


Comments by Communities and Local Government Secretary, Sajid Javid leaves the door open for One Yorkshire but the Sheffield City Mayor election should be halted, says Stewart Arnold.


Yesterday, Yorkshire MPs and local council leaders met Government ministers including the Communities and Local Government Secretary, Sajid Javid, to get a devolution deal for the region.

Leader of the Yorkshire Party, Stewart Arnold, commented after the meeting: “Sajid Javid leaves the door open for a One Yorkshire settlement as early as 2020. Yorkshire politicians must open this up this debate to engage ALL Yorkshire people to show the strength of feeling there is behind the idea.

Stewart Arnold     Picture: Robbie Macdonald

“We can show the Communities Secretary just how popular this idea is but it means we all have to get behind the idea of first-rate devolution for the whole of Yorkshire.

“The other thing to take away from his comments is just how ridiculous a vote for a mayor for the Sheffield City Region will be this year.

“Not only will the mayor have almost next to no powers, the whole thing could be abandoned in two years as the South Yorkshire authorities could join the devolution deal with the rest of Yorkshire. It’s going to cost close to a million pounds to hold this election in May – we are calling for it to be halted now.”


Statement from Yorkshire leaders

“Representatives of 18 of the 20 councils across Yorkshire agreed the following statement after the meeting of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire, attended by Sajid Javid, Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government.

Sajid Javid, has left the door open for One Yorkshire

“Leaders welcomed the opportunity, on behalf of the region, to present the ambitious plans for One Yorkshire mayoral devolution agreement taking effect in 2020 and voiced their united support for the One Yorkshire proposal as offering the most ambitious approach to devolution, which will secure the maximum possible economic and social benefits for all their communities and the country.

“Leaders welcomed Mr Javid making clear that the Government wouldn’t stand in the way of any One Yorkshire proposal taking effect in 2020 that had widespread support. This would include the ability of South Yorkshire authorities to join a One Yorkshire deal if they wanted to from day one.

“The Secretary of State requested as a next step he would want to see concrete proposals and leaders made clear that, given the level of agreement across Yorkshire, these could be submitted to the Government rapidly. Indeed, leaders will be meeting next week to discuss these proposals.”


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