Bridlington Hospital - the Fightback


Our vital District Hospital has been cut to the bone.

Our modern and efficient hospital was built to serve the Bridlington and District community of some 80,000 people - and there are 3,000 new homes going up right now.

We believe that the relentless policy of centralisation is cruel and has created unparalleled stress and hardship by forcing our community to make unreasonable travel to access services which used to be in our hospital.

There is an evident inequality of access to these vital NHS Services between coastal communities and big cities. Residents are being expected to travel to centralised units which are many miles away.  It has cost over 1.5million miles of journeys for outpatient appointments something which Bridlington South Residents and our environment can barely afford.

Many of our residents are among the most deprived in the UK - deeply unwell and the least able to travel.

Restoring our NHS Services is our absolute priority.

We call upon:

  1. The Secretary of State to back the Whitty Report for Coastal Communities and to provide the targeted funding to level-up Health Care provision for Bridlington and all struggling Coastal Communities.
  2. The new Integrated Care Board recognises the startling inequalities for Bridlington and district residents and enables meaningful change.
  3. York NHS Trust to reverse the policy of centralisation and provide clinics and services where the need is the greatest.

Will you sign?