Philip Allot Must Go.

The Yorkshire Party calls for Philip Allot to be sacked at tomorrow's Vote of No Confidence Hearing.

The Yorkshire Party is calling for Philip Allot to be sacked from his role of Police and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire after his atrocious and outrageous comments on Sarah Everard’s murder.

Philip Allot has shown no empathy or understanding for Sarah Everard, the victim, nor for her friends and family during this difficult time and has thusly brought the office into disrepute.

How can the people of Yorkshire have confidence in him, in his capability and suitability to properly fulfil the role as North Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner? He is unrepresentative of the People of North Yorkshire and Philip Allot cannot continue in the position after his poor behaviour and disrespectful comments on violence against women.

He has brought the office into disrepute. We believe Philip Allot is unrepresentative of the people of Yorkshire, his lack of concern and understanding for the safety of Women means he is not fit for purpose. He should not be in such a high ranking position representing the community when he has shown such clear lack of empathy, responsibility, and understanding to Sarah, her family, friends, and Women everywhere.

The fact that he has not resigned is damning, both to himself, and to the party which appointed him to power. He should have been forced to resign by the Conservative Party well before a Vote of No confidence was rightfully called.

The Yorkshire party do not tolerate any misogynistic views or attitudes and anyone who is in a place of power and fails to challenge such behaviour is not fit to be in public office.

Tomorrow he faces a Vote of No Confidence, and we urge that the correct decision is made:

Philip Allot Must Go.

Our thoughts, prayers and sympathies are with Sarah Everard, her family, and friends at this very difficult time.


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