Party issues urgent plea for Euro candidates

The Yorkshire Party leadership has issued an urgent plea for candidates for election to the European Parliament, amid the continuing Brexit shambles.

A possible delay to Brexit means that the UK may participate in the elections being held between May 23 and 26.

Chairman Arnie Craven has written to all Yorkshire Party members after the Party’s Executive agreed a procedure to choose candidates, explaining that any prospective candidate needs to register by 10pm on Thursday, February 28.

“Should Brexit be delayed, the Executive Committee concluded there is a real possibility that the UK might participate in the EU Parliament elections.

Arnie Craven: elections were a possibility

Picture: Robbie MaDonald

“In case you are unaware, the EU Parliament elections are the only time when the vast majority of Yorkshire votes as one entity, and electing an MEP to represent Yorkshire would require only about 11% of the vote.

“Standing in EU Parliament elections also qualifies a party to send, free of charge, a leaflet about the party to every household in Yorkshire.”

However Arnie said that the Party would need “£20,000 to print an election leaflet on top of the £5,000 candidates’ deposit. The Executive would be asking candidates to contribute to these costs.

“Whilst it is not certain that an EU election will take place, the delays to Brexit certainly mean it is now a possibility.

“As this possibility exists, the Executive Committee today voted to begin the selection process for MEP candidates. By law we can select up to six candidates, who will be ranked in order one to six on the EU Parliament election ballot paper.

“Should six or fewer candidates be successfully nominated, we will immediately proceed to the interview stage – where successfully vetted and nominated candidates are interviewed by the Executive Committee and then ranked by the committee.

“Should more than six candidates be successfully nominated, a vote of the party membership will be held to create the six-member shortlist. I will send further details on this, should the requirement for a party membership vote emerge.”

Interested members are asked to reply to Arnie’s email, explaining the procedure.

“I hope this is clear, but if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly at this email address ([email protected]),” writes Arnie.

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