Party unveils ‘Breath of Fresh Air’ environment policy

Our green legacy to Yorkshire’s future generations is at the heart of the Yorkshire Party’s environment policy “A Breath of Fresh Air”, which has been launched today (March 14, 2019).

In its introduction, the policy says: “The Yorkshire Party will place a high value on the environmental credentials of every policy, every action and every product.

“Successive governments have failed to account properly for the needs of Yorkshire’s important countryside communities. The Yorkshire Party will be a strong voice for our farmers and for all those who depend on a strong, sustainable and productive rural economy.”

Launching the policy at a meeting of the Party’s East Yorkshire Group in Driffield, environment spokesperson Andy Walker said: “I am very pleased to be presenting the environment policy of the Yorkshire Party because it reaches into all other policies – on Health, Energy, Transport – and represents how we want to make Yorkshire a happier, healthier place in which to live.

“Our environment is fundamental to the success of the county and, most importantly, we are just its current custodians – it is for our children.” 

The policy details proposed action on waste management, recycling schemes, air quality, fossil fuels, water resources, the natural environment, flooding, forestry, agriculture, urban natural environments, representation and regulation.

The Yorkshire Party has developed policies on Education, Energy, including Fracking and Homelessness; to go with published principles covering Devolution, the Economy, Health and Social Care, and Transport.

Deputy Leader Chris Whitwood said: “The Yorkshire Party is continuing to develop a broad range of evidence-based policies and I am delighted that Andy Walker, one of our newly introduced spokespeople, will be championing environmental causes.”



Environment spokesperson Andy Walker (left) with Party Leader Stewart Arnold at the policy launch
Andy Walker holds the environment policy document with East Yorkshire member at the launch in Driffield

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