Chris heads Party’s choices for a European poll

Chris Whitwood: Yorkshire has been neglected

The Yorkshire Party has drawn up a provisional list of candidates should European elections go ahead at the end of May.

Party Leader Chris Whitwood, who heads the team, explained continued Brexit deadlock had forced the step.

“We continue to make our preparations in light of Parliament once again being unable to make progress in relation to Brexit and Theresa May’s admission that UK participation in upcoming EU elections is now “almost certain”.

The candidates are:

  1. Chris Whitwood
  2. Mike Jordan
  3. Jack Carrington
  4. Laura Walker
  5. Dr Bob Buxton
  6. Dan Cochran

Selby councillor Mike Jordan is among our candidates


The candidates, from across the region, were selected following interviews last week.

Chris, who has recently become Party Leader, said: “I’m honoured to have been selected to represent the Party should this important election take place.

“For three, painfully long years, MPs in Westminster have failed to reach any form of agreement and while Brexit negotiations dominate Parliament, important opportunities to address Yorkshire’s need have been neglected. 

“I am proud to campaign alongside fantastic candidates and enthusiastic supporters. This is a team effort. We, the Yorkshire Party, are united in our desire to ensure that whatever happens next, powers are passed to Yorkshire to ensure that we can build a stronger region in a fairer United Kingdom.”


Pictures: Robbie MacDonald

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