Party mounts big leaflet operation for EU elections

The Yorkshire Party has mounted a huge operation to prepare election leaflets that are going to almost every home in Yorkshire; allowing us to get our message directly to about 3.5 million voters.

As a participant in the European Elections, the Post Office is obliged to deliver the Party’s official election leaflet to 2 million homes and businesses.

But the Party has had to have the leaflets printed, following an appeal to members for donations from Chairman Arnie Craven.

He described the targeting of the Party’s policies to that many potential supporters as “game changing”.

“I was absolutely thrilled that the Yorkshire Party delivered almost 2 million leaflets to homes and businesses across our region last week. 

“These leaflets were paid for by small donations from supporters, and Party volunteers spent hundreds of hours painstakingly bundling them so they could be delivered.

Arnie Craven: thrilled at effort
Picture: Robbie MacDonald

“This was the single biggest campaign activity the Yorkshire Party has ever taken on, and I’m so grateful to every member who stepped up and helped us get our message about a stronger Yorkshire in a fairer UK out to millions of people.

“I look forward to seeing the results of our campaigning later this week.”

Bringing a new meaning to a round-table meeting: Leader and European elections lead candidate Chris Whitwood (far right), Deputy Leader Laura Walker, with two of our European candidates Buxton (centre), and Jack Carrington start the mammoth leaflet operation



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