Party members asked to choose Leader

The Yorkshire Party is to hold a new election to select its Leader.

Members have been notified of the election procedure by Deputy Chairman Matt Clover, who is overseeing the process.

Matt Clover is overseeing the election

Chris Whitwood took on the Leadership, pending a full election by the membership, after Stewart Arnold stepped down.

Under the Party’s system, candidates have to be nominated by five party members whose full names must be provided to the internal elections officer. Only people who are full members of the Yorkshire Party may stand in this election.

The candidate nominating process began on Saturday, June 15 and runs until 10pm on June 30.

The confirmation of candidates will be announced after 10pm on July 1.

There would be an election only if more than one candidate were nominated; otherwise an unopposed candidatewould automatically become Leader. 

If an election were to take place, candidates would have the opportunity to attend hustings, live question-and-answer sessions and to present their cases to the membership.

This would start on July 2 and finish at 10pm on August 13, when voting would open. Voting would end at 10pm on August 27 and the result would be announced on the August 29.

The election is being run by Matt, who, as internal elections officer, will be neutral during the process.

All nominations should be sent to him at [email protected] by the closing date and time. Nominations received after this date will not be accepted. 

Matt said: “If you are successful and become Party Leader, you will need to attend most meetings, which are held in person and also on Skype. You will also have a Yorkshire Party email and will assist with helping to build the Yorkshire Party to become the main political Party for Yorkshire.

“Hopefully, the formal bit has not put anyone off and many people will see this as an opportunity to help the Yorkshire Party build and grow.

“Good luck!”

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