Party buoyed by clamour of support for Mick Bower

As May 3 polling day draws near more and more people are supporting Mick Bower for Sheffield City Mayor and the Yorkshire Party’s message for devolution and real change.

Here are some of the messages the Party has received, backing Mick and our other local election candidates.


May 3, 2018

Michael Sylvester: “Voted Yorkshire Party 1, The Green Party 2 in South Yorkshire Mayoral, no locals here

Dusty Bin: “Voted for you Mick 2 votes from our household.”

Lynn Cullumbine: “Just placed my vote for Mick Bower, Yorkshire party.”

John Wade: “Naturally I voted for the guy who says the job shouldn’t exist.”

Alexis Blakeston: “Good luck to everyone else running with the Yorkshire Party today! You’re making a difference no matter how many votes you get!”

Lauren Astbury: “In the SY city region devolution, mayoral election thing, whatever we are calling it, i voted Yorkshire Party and Green. I want Yorkshire Devolution but i want the right kind of devolution, the kind that leads to One Yorkshire with real teeth and budget.”

David West: “Good luck today!”

Councillor Wayne Davies: “Good luck!!”

Sheffield Tent City: “Lets get today out of the way and get on with business, hopefully Mick Bower & the Yorkshire Party will be in the driving seat for Yorkshire mayor.”


May 2

Kerry – SUFC: “Mick Bower: good luck tomorrow!! Got my vote. Hopefully many others follow suit.”

dave feetham: “Deffo getting mine too.”

Linz: “First time in a long time I am actually looking forward to voting.”

EuropeanFreeAlliance: “Good luck to our member Yorkshire Party for their local elections tomorrow! The Party defends a more democratic, engaged & accountable Yorkshire by securing a Parliament for Yorkshire within the UK.”


April 30

Andrew Murray: “Got my vote too. Disillusioned with mainstream political parties in local govt especially Labour who cut politically sensitive local services and say don’t blame it on us, yet feel fit to waste £16 million building a new museum, library and archives in Doncaster, less than 10 years after they spent nearly £200 million on a new theatre; council offices; racecourse grandstand and college building!”


April  29

Mr A: “I don’t usually vote. Because all major parties are controlled by corporate special interests and do not represent the people. This year I’m voting Yorkshire Party to support local, independent values.”

The King of the North: “Voted Labour for 36 years…time for a change….wouldn’t vote for Corbyn/Momentum if my life depended on it…hate the Tories so looks like Yorkshire Party.”


April 28

Linz: “Yorkshire Party. There you go – get voting DO IT FOR YORKSHIRE (easier than riding a bike). My remaining party roulette days are over, I’ve been saved from the worst gamble ever.”

marc blackburn: “I’m voting against Labour for the first time, I’m voting Yorkshire Party.”

Brexit Daily: “Yorkshire Party seem like a really good party. Certainly worthy of a vote, I agree with their plans for decentralisation for a more autonomous region.”

Bright Wizard Shen: “I’ll be voting Yorkshire Party not the divisive, dog whistling nasty party 2.0.”


April 27

Myrtle Knits: “Sent in my postal vote for Yorkshire party for Mayor. Their focus will be solely on the Yorkshire region unlike some of the other parties.”


April 26

Michael John Wilcox: “Two postal votes for Mick Bower. Yorkshire Party for Yorkshire People… We weren’t going to vote but it’s time for change. Nothing else is working. Good luck Mick Bower.”


Mick Bower


April 25

Indyclone77: “Sent in my postal vote today and I can confirm that Mick Bower and Naveen Judah (South Yorkshire Save Our NHS) have both got my votes. My experiences with them in the past week have been nothing but honest, inspirational and how politics should be conducted. Yorkshire Party has a new supporter in me.”

Lauren Astbury: “Well I voted for the Yorkshire Party and the Green Party. I voted Yorkshire Party because I want One Yorkshire and I couldn’t vote Labour because of their views on Brexit.”

Federalist Party: “On May 3 voters will elect a mayor for the Sheffield City Region. We encourage them to make their voices heard clearly and loudly by voting for Mick Bower the Yorkshire Party’s candidate. Yorkshire deserves much better than this.”


April 24

Engineer Walmsley CME: “True Yorkshireman. Vote Yorkshire Party for SCR mayor and hopefully we’ll get One Yorkshire devo and get powers over more than transport!”

Nathan Trout: “In the last couple of elections I’ve been torn between voting for Labour and voting for the Yorkshire Party. Corbyn’s complete inaction on anti-Semitism has made that decision very easy.”

Simon J Duffy: “Mick Bower, of the Yorkshire Party says we need real democracy, PR, assemblies, real power down to local communities and many different faces, voices and experiences.”


April 19

mrchadburn: “Sorry Dan (Jarvis) like you as a person but I’m Laboured out – too many false promises and tribalism. Mick Bower and the Yorkshire Party are the only ones who can deliver real devolution and true future prosperity for the WHOLE of Gods own county.”


How to Contact the Yorkshire Party

email: [email protected]

Twitter: @Yorkshire_Party


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