Party backs Power Up The North campaign

The Yorkshire Party has backed a new campaign by regional newspaper publishers for a fair deal for the North.

The Party has highlighted the following key points:

  • Our media are united to get what’s best for Yorkshire; our politicians must do the same.
  • This is a great step forward in the argument for meaningful powers to be transferred from London.
  • This supports our call for a directly elected Yorkshire Assembly to represent. fairly, everyone living and working in Yorkshire.

Yorkshire Party Leader Chris Whitwood, said: “The wanton neglect to which successive Labour and Conservative governments have subjected people in the North is an act of national humiliation.

Schools are pushed to breaking point, receiving only two-thirds of the funding per pupil that is given to schools in London; Yorkshire receives a mere tenth of the transport investment that is lavished on the capital.

Chris Whitwood; We must forge a fairer system

“Our media are united to demand real change and powers for Yorkshire. It’s time our politicians did the same.

“Until now, the calls for devolving powers have been conducted on London’s terms – city regions and individual mayors. We must now demand what’s best for Yorkshire: a directly elected Yorkshire Assembly with meaningful powers transferred from Westminster not as an additional layer of government but as a means to represent our diverse region and drive prosperity.

“The co-operation of journalists and civic leaders has shown we can and must be ambitious. Now is time for our politicians, civic leaders and businesses to follow the lead of journalists and unite to forge a fairer system to allow Yorkshire to take control.”

Councillor Mike Jordan: Give Yorkshire the tools

Councillor Mike Jordan, the Party’s Local Government Spokesperson, added “I joined the Yorkshire Party because it is the only party truly listening to the voices of people living and working in Yorkshire.

“Until we get more decision-making powers we will suffer. The Government needs to realise that if you let an area sort out what it needs everyone will benefit.

“Don’t make us go cap-in-hand to Westminster. Give Yorkshire the tools and we will prosper.”

Announcing the media campaign, The Yorkshire Post said it was joining forces with rival publishers to challenge the main political parties to commit to policy measures to turbo-charge the North’s economy.

“This new Power Up The North collaboration between a number of newspapers and websites from JPI Media, Newsquest and Reach comes exactly one year after the launch of the award-winning One North campaign in the wake of unprecedented chaos on the region’s railways.

“The collective voice – and strength – of the North’s titles compelled the Government to take immediate action on behalf of the millions of passengers who suffered unnecessary and unforeseen travel misery.

“Now, at a time of unprecedented political uncertainty, we are calling on the main parties – and those who aspire to lead them – to spell out what they intend to do, and how they will work with others, to narrow the North-South divide,” it said.

In a column on June 11, the newspaper commented on the reaction to the campaign. “The extent to which the 15 million people who live, and work, in the North feel let down by the political establishment is illustrated by the phenomenal response to the Power Up The North campaign”

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