Party anger at new blow to rail passengers

Leeds Station suffers delays to work to extend platforms

Picture: Tejvan Pettinger on Flickr


The latest blow to long suffering Yorkshire rail passengers has been condemned by the Yorkshire Party.

Train operator Northern’s six-carriage long services in and out of Leeds station have been delayed by two years, says BBC News.

Its transport correspondent Tom Burridge reported: “The longer trains were to be introduced at the end of this year but will now not enter service until late 2021. The delay is because longer platforms at Leeds will not be ready in time

“After a disastrous 2018, Northern is under pressure to improve the reliability of its services and deal with overcrowding.”

Bob Buxton:  Challenged Northern to reverse fares rise      Picture: Robbie MacDonald

Bob Buxton, the Yorkshire Party transport spokesperson, said: “The longer trains and platforms have been delayed, yet the increase in ticket prices has not. Northern customers will continue to pay more and more each year for the privilege of being packed like sardines.

“I challenge Northern to reverse their recent price increase and cancel any further price rises until the six-carriage trains and new platforms are introduced – without such motivation, they will be delayed and delayed and delayed … just as electrification is perpetually delayed around Yorkshire.”

“Greater region control would bring greater regional focus and end London-centric policy-making. It could also resolve strikes more quickly by ensuring guards are kept on trains.”

Tom Burridge reports that plans to introduce new four-coach trains on the Yorkshire system this spring are not affected and that six-carriage trains will run on other parts of the network from later this year.

But there was now a row about who in the railway and Government hierarchy knew about the latest blow and when.


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