Parliamentary Petition Started for a Yorkshire Regional Parliament

Yorkshire Party leader Bob Buxton has started a Parliament Petition to “allow a referendum on devolving powers to a Yorkshire Regional Parliament,” with powers and funding similar to Scotland and Wales.
Dr Buxton said: “It’s Yorkshire’s turn to have Yorkshire’s choice. We need a stronger Yorkshire in a stronger, fairer United Kingdom.”

“A Yorkshire Regional Parliament, controlling our fair share of public spending, would help to rebuild our economy and infrastructure, create new jobs, lead the way in green technology, empower education, build greener homes on regenerated derelict sites and revolutionise transport.”

“Primary schoolchildren in London get 50% more funding per year than ours in Yorkshire. Our health and social care services are underfunded. Planned transport improvements keep getting downgraded and postponed, with Bradford set to miss out on a city centre station on the new Pennines line. Why should Yorkshire be London’s poor relation?”

Dr Buxton, who is the Yorkshire Party candidate for West Yorkshire Mayor, was also critical of the mayoral system: “If I win, I’ll make the most of the limited powers and funding available - but they are very limited. This is Westminster’s wish. Yorkshire can do better.”

The petition runs for six months. 10,000 signatures are required for a Government response, 100,000 for a Parliamentary debate. Dr Buxton added: “If you want better for Yorkshire, please sign and share on social media. I hope people from across the political spectrum will sign to help renew Yorkshire. To those who need convincing, I say: this is merely asking for a democratic choice in a referendum. Democracy is, and must always be, how we do things.”

The petition may be signed on the Parliamentary Petitions website. The link is


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