Our Bridlington marvels score spectacular wins

Our two outstanding candidates Tim Norman and Andy Walker scored spectacular victories in the local elections in their Bridlington South Ward of East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

Our first success in this year’s elections saw Tim Norman top the poll with 907 votes (a 14.7% share of the vote), just pipping Andy on 904 (also on 14.7%).

The pair smashed all the candidates from the main parties with only a single Conservative elected in the three-seat ward.

Tim Norman: a magnificent night for us

Tim celebrated the Yorkshire Party’s overall success in East Riding seats. “We had a magnificent night – amassing about 5,000 votes between our six candidates. 

“The Party is overwhelmed by the voters’ support especially in Bridlington South.

Tim said: “It was a massive effort on our behalf to get the Yorkshire Party message across and it certainly paid off.  We are over the moon with the support for our policies and philosophies and we will be bringing a new type of politics into council.”

“Many people are looking for an alternative and are tired of being governed from afar.  We are offering that alternative with the future of a drive towards devolution and bringing decision making closer to those affected. 

“We would like to thank all of the residents in the Bridlington South Ward for placing their trust in us and we look forward to serving them to the best of our abilities as their councillors.”

Andy Walker: we’ve a lot to do

And Andy also focused on the electors. “When you talk to people about a real alternative to Westminster-led inequalities, they get it. Westminster doesn’t ‘get’ Yorkshire. 

“On the doorstep, local issues of trust and transparency seemed more important than Brexit but that breakdown in trust ran all the way from Westminster to Beverley and it was clear that Bridlington voters had had enough – there is so much to do.”

Our other results in East Riding

In Wolds Weighton, Peter Hemmerman scored an impressive 12.9% share on 1,405 votes, behind the three successful Tories and hammering all other rivals.

Andy Shead: excellent result

In Mid Holderness, Andy Shead notched up an excellent 862 votes (10.2%), beating all the Labour and Lib Dem candidates in a seat again dominated by the Tories.

In North Holderness, Lee Walton recorded a respectable 477 votes (8.9%), beating Labour, Lib Dems and Greens, in a seat won by two Independents

 Driffield and Rural Ward, Terry Walls scored a creditable 410 votes beating all three Lib Dems and just behind the three Labour candidates in a seat dominated by the Conservatives.

Up the coast from Bridlington, Lee Derrick was last in the Whitby West Cliff Ward of Scarborough Council with 136 votes: the two seats were won by Labour and Conservative rivals.

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