Scrap Humber tolls in One Yorkshire, says Stewart


Plans for Yorkshire devolution, which will include Hull and the East Riding, should bring an end to Humber Bridge tolls, says Yorkshire Party Leader Stewart Arnold.

Stewart said: “Eighteen of the 20 local council leaders – including those from Hull and East Riding – are supporting moves to bring powers out of London to the whole of Yorkshire. This is a move supported by business groups and trade unions along with others such as the Yorkshire Party.

“The Government is stalling on allowing this to happen so we need to be making the case of why this is important to Yorkshire.

“One of the things that devolution to Yorkshire could bring is an end to the Humber Bridge tolls.

“There are no toll roads or bridges in Scotland. The bridge tolls at the Severn crossing to Wales will be abolished in December. It’s no coincidence that both Scotland and Wales have devolution. They recognise the importance to their economies of traffic moving freely without what, are in effect, extra taxes.

“This is the sort of thing you can do with devolved Government.

“The Humber Bridge tolls need to go. They are a barrier to economic growth in the area and I believe they skew the housing market on both sides of the estuary. A probable knock-on effect would be to take the pressure off house building in places such as Cottingham and Beverley.

“I think the bridge tolls should be scrapped and that’s one of the things we’ll be discussing at our Conference in Hull on Saturday.”

In September 2016, the £1.50 charge for a car crossing the bridge was frozen for five years.

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