North Yorkshire County Council 20mph limit inquiry

A North Yorkshire County Council inquiry, launched in 2018, has concluded that introducing a blanket 20 mph speed limit across all settlements in the county would be “unrealistic” in terms of cost and enforcement.

The summary of the report states that: “It is unrealistic for there to be a blanket approach of 20mph speed limits existing in all settlements in the county and to cover a wide area both in terms of cost and enforcement,” and that “Speed limits should reflect the nature of the road and in essence be self-explaining.”

Cllr Mike Jordan, who initially instigated the inquiry, said that while he agreed that the cost of a county-wide 20 mph limit in all settlements would be prohibitive, that the inquiry appeared to have missed the point he had been trying to pursue.

He stated that “Once you get off the main road it should be 20 mph. This should only be introduced where parish councils want it. This was about giving parish councils options.”

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