Northern Fail signals a new train debacle

Pacer trains        Picture: Geof Sheppard


The Yorkshire Party has dubbed the region’s train operator Northern Fail after the latest debacle to hit long suffering passengers.

Pacer trains promised to National Railway Museum have not arrived because they are still needed on the beleaguered Northern line, it has been claimed.

The Daily Telegraph reported that the York museum planned to display a Pacer model, which was built in the 1980s. However, the timing of the Pacer’s arrival had yet to be confirmed – as the carriages were still being used on Northern-operated railway routes.

Bob Buxton, Executive Committee member and transport spokesman, said: “So, Pacers can’t be donated to museums because Northern Rail has nothing better to use than 40-year-old trains, made mainly of old bus parts. Why not go a step further and reintroduce steam?

“Given the chaos I’ve endured on the Leeds-Bradford Foster Square line recently, they’d actually be more reliable. And why stop there? Why not bring back horse-drawn? Less polluting than diesel-fuelled Pacers and Leeds is 20% over the recommended air pollution levels. 

Bob Buxton: Yorkshire’s public transport is going nowhere

Picture: Robbie MacDonald

“The latest insult to passengers is smart cards for which the conductors to not have scanners – you have to show your receipt instead. How is this better than an old fashioned ticket?  Northern Rail? Northern Fail, more like. 

“If Yorkshire had the same rights and powers as Scotland and Wales (and our population is larger than both) we could have our own transport policy. Whereas Scotland makes progress, such as reopening the Borders Railway in 2015, Yorkshire’s public transport is going nowhere.”

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